Camp Rules

The following rules apply when staying at the Brexbachtal Scouts Camp:

Nature Protection

The campsite lies within a conversation area. Please take careful consideration to protect the natural surroundings. In particular, please observe the following:

  • avoid any loud noise (for example, engine noise, radios),
  • do not disturb or damage new growth or heavily wooded areas.

Motor Vehicles

The use of roads through the main gate is allowed with a permit only. Permits are issued by the campground leader. The authorised driver must close the gate immediately after entering. Vehicles may be used only when absolutely necessary (for example, supply trips or medical assistance).

Vehicles must drive at walking speed at all times.

Vehicles must be parked in the designated area for the individual campsite. At no time should vehicles be driven on the campsite!

Care of the Campsites

Digging of holes or trenches is only allowed with the permission of campground leaders. 

Damage or removal of fences is strictly prohibited.

Dishes may only be cleaned using the specific places provided for this purpose. Bathroom facilities may not be used for cleaning dishes. Dishwater may not be emptied onto the lawn or in the creek.

Brexbach (Brex Creek)

Fishing is not permitted. Driving through the creek is not allowed except with special permission from the campground leader (granted only in special circumstances).

Care with Fires

Fires must be supervised at all times. Please use only the existing fireplaces. The establishment of new fireplaces is not permitted.

Please burn only dry hardwood and charcoal. Always choose an appropriate fire size to avoid excessive sparks. For the duration of the fire, please ensure there is enough water and/or other fire-fighting equipment (for example, a fire extinguisher) to put out the fire in the event of an accident.

Bathroom Facilities

The leader of a group must arrange a cleaning plan and is responsible for the cleanliness of bathroom facilities. The bathrooms must be cleaned at least once a day.

Renting the Cottages

The renter is fully responsible for the cottage for the duration of the rental period. The cottages should be left in a clean and tidy condition. Inspection of the cottages will be carried out by campsite staff at the time of payment. Any damage to the cottage or its inventory should be reported immediately. The renter is liable for any damage to the property or inventory.

Inspection of Campsites and Bathrooms

Before the site is vacated, the campsite leaders will inspect the campsite and bathroom facilities with a representative from the group. Campsites and bathrooms must be left in a clean and tidy condition.

Responsibility and Liability

The "Fördererwerk St. Georg e. V." is not liable for damage to people or property. Responsibility lies with the group leaders. In the event that the campground must be closed due to unforeseen circumstances, no recourse may be sought against "Fördererwerk St. Georg e. V.". Any damage to property must be reported immediately to the campground leaders.

Property Rights

The campground leaders and their representatives have property rights. The campground leaders have the right to expel any group or individual upon violation of the campground rules. In special circumstances, the campground leaders may reallocate a group to a different campsite.